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Welcoming, Deb Mundy Realtor®

Deb grew up on the beaches of Hampton Roads. She considers herself truly blessed to work with buyers and sellers to achieve their home ownership dreams in beautiful Coastal Virginia. She has worked in the Hampton Roads real estate market over 40 years, first as Owner of a Mortgage Corporation, and now as a Realtor®️. Her approach is simply to listen to her clients needs and desires, and discover their unique set of circumstances to help them achieve their goals as home buyers and sellers. She believes everyone deserves a home – a place to be “at ease”, relaxed and comfortable.

That place they find themselves in harmony with – whether it’s the architecture of the building, the closeness of nature, the way the light comes in the windows, or the convenience of the location. Our need for where we call “home” changes as we go through different phases of our lives. As clients move through these transitions, she loves being a trusted confidant as she discovers with her clients what and where that “place” is. And make the most of selling what is often their biggest asset that can support them financially for what is ahead. Buyers and sellers have enough on their plate as they are relocating, or “right-sizing” or down-sizing, and going through the transitions life always brings our way.

Deb handles all the real estate details. She’ll get you in your dream home in a highly competitive market, or help you take advantage of this seller’s market and sell your home for the highest price to the right buyer on your terms.


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