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Welcoming, John Koulis Realtor®

More Than Just a Realtor – An Ally for Military Families.

From the disciplined decks of the Navy to the diverse districts of real estate, John Koulis knows the essence of commitment. As a proud retired Navy veteran, John doesn’t merely empathize with the military lifestyle; he has lived it. He’s intimately familiar with the rigors of service life and the roller-coaster of stress that comes with relocations.

But it’s not just about service stripes and salutes. As a loving husband and doting father to two wonderful girls, John appreciates the emotion behind the search for a perfect home. He doesn’t see houses; he envisions future birthday parties, family dinners, and backyard laughter. He understands that a home is more than just bricks and mortar; it’s where memories are made.

His approach? Personalized and passionate. Those dreams of a sunlit kitchen or a backyard swing? He’s on it. Leveraging his vast knowledge in real estate, from property renovations to savvy investments, John crafts tailored solutions that resonate with your dreams.

But don’t mistake his empathetic approach for a lack of tenacity. In the negotiating arena, John is relentless. With a hawk’s eye for detail and a lion’s heart for his clients, he ensures every deal is not just good, but great. When you embark on your real estate journey with John, rest assured, he’s not just representing you; he’s championing your dreams.

Choose John Koulis, and you’re selecting more than a real estate agent. You’re partnering with someone who gets the military pulse, cherishes family values, and is unyieldingly committed to turning your home aspirations into reality. Let John be your compass in the real estate journey, guiding you home every step of the way.


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